African-directed ‘Shona The Musical’ set for UK premiere in Edinburgh

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As a fitting tribute to mark the final week of Black History Month, Shona The Musical will hold its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre Studio on October 25-27.

The musical, which is based on historical events, tells a poignant love story that transcends racial divides, set against the backdrop of a nation torn by political, social and cultural unrest.

The plot revolves around the marriage of Savelo, a Zimbabwean Chief and Joanne, his Scottish bride, and the lovers’ perseverance in their struggle against xenophobia, socio-political corruption and bigotry.

The musical brings together a dynamic and multi-faceted cast of 12, hailing from both South Africa and Scotland, and will be one of the first African-directed, written and produced plays to premiere at a prominent Edinburgh theatre.

Producer, writer and composer Neo Vilakazi aims to depict ‘an authentic story from an African worldview’, with the poignant score based on the traditional musical elements of Southern Africa – musical styles which have historically often been used in protest songs calling for independence.

Shona the Musical (Main image) (screenshot)
image credit: Supersize Media/ The Studio Edinburgh

‘Africa needs a voice on the international stage. I hate the fact that other people get to define what Africa is and who Africans are. I am tired of Hollywood’s version, it’s time we told our own stories,’ Vilakazi said.

The show will run from Thursday October 25 to Saturday October 27, and tickets are free (aside from a small handling charge of 80p), so it will get booked up fast!

Head over to Shona The Musical for your tickets, and check out www.shonathemusical.com for more info on the show and the people involved.


Featured image credit: Supersize Media/ The Studio Edinburgh

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