Body Talk; The UK Premiere

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The Taiwan Film Festival pre-launch came to Stirling this month whilst making it’s way around the UK. The film festival features five films that will be shown at a range of universities around the UK. The selection of films is being broadcast for the Student Journalist Prize.

A competition where student journalists get the opportunity to attend a screening, then write a review or piece of analysis on the film judged by a panel of international film journalists. The competition closes on the 20th December. The winner will receive not only a £300 cash prize, but a trip to the Tate Modern where the Taiwan Film Festival will be launched alongside an awards ceremony in April 2019.

University of Stirling featured the UK Premiere of Body Talk as part of the Taiwan Film Festival. Taiwan is the only country in the Chinese speaking world with uncensored cinema and Body Talk is a film that utilities this. Body Talk is a film focussing on the journey of a woman’s body illustrating in full usually taboo subjects such as graphic details of child birth, periods, body image and masturbation with no shame or censorship.

The documentary is a mix of interviews that follow a number of women in different stages of their life. Starting with questions like when were you first made aware of your gender, then delving into the repeated negative comments that cause women to doubt themselves and feel ashamed of their bodies from a young age.

The interviews alongside background footage of some really personal moments in the women’s lives, produces an aesthetically pleasing film. A candid portrayal that flows like a poem whilst getting stuck into some massive issues women face throughout their lives.




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