Stirling 3Bs supporting World Mental Health Day / Credit: Kyra Gemmell

Stirling Netball Go Green And Pink For Charity

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The first few weeks of October have seen Stirling’s netball girls going green and pink in order to support two very important charities.

October Wednesday 10thsaw the club support World Mental Health Day, an annual occurrence which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues worldwide.

Buying green ribbons from Stirling hockey, the girls wore the ribbons when they played their matches later that day against Aberdeen and in the all Stirling match on Saturday 13th.

The club have been encouraging their members to speak out and highlight the support system that is in place; several of its members have completed the Scottish Mental Health First Aid course.

Stirling 3Bs supporting World Mental Health Day / Credit: Kyra Gemmell

As well as supporting mental health, the club have also done their part to show their support towards Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which takes place in October.

On October 15th, the netball girls were encouraged to wear at least one item of pink to their morning training session.

One of the biggest killers and affecting many of us in our lifetime, the netball club hoped to raise awareness by standing together , and emphasising the importance of taking action if you notice anything abnormal

Stirling netball at their training session / Credit: Kyra Gemmell
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