A Star Is Born: A Review

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A Star Is Born was released this month, directed by Bradley Cooper. It’s an American musical that follows the relationship between Ally Campana, a want to be singer working in a restaurant and Jackson Maine a famous singer with a drinking problem. Sounds like you’ve seen it before right, but moments into the film when you are introduced to Ally played by Lady Gaga you realise there is something more unique about this particular portrayal of love.

The opening number begins in a drag bar where waitress Ally sings once a week. Wearing just a little black slip dress and fishnets paired with red lipstick she looks sensual yet elegant. As she begins to sing La Vie En Rose the whole bar is captivated. One person is especially, by the look in his eyes you can tell Jackson instantly falls for Ally.

The closer they get the more songs Ally starts to write and Jackson drinks less. They push each other to grow. Taken away by her talent and beauty, one thing leads to another and they tour together. All the time Ally looks unfaded and completely stunning. She plays piano alongside Jackson and there are no distractions allowing everyone to focus on her incredible voice.

As anticipated, Ally picks up a record deal and becomes wrapped up in the world of showbiz. Her manager is adamant on changing her image adding dancers, trashy outfits and excessive choreography. Jackson watching Ally lose her integrity to fame like he once did drives him to drink again.

At some point whilst Ally’s career is taking off and Jackson’s drinks himself into rehab, they lose the intimacy of their relationship. Until they come together at a friend’s house from the past where they spontaneously decide to get married. The wedding is a small affair around friends in a church described as magical.

Although the happiness can’t last forever. Whilst Jackson falls apart the love Ally feels shines through. No matter what goes on in her career she persistently wants Jackson by her side despite humiliating her. She truly believes there is room for both of them at the top, but it’s just too much for him to take.

Overall the whole film is full of their personal struggles and how it affects their relationship. Bittersweet moments juxtaposed with an outstanding soundtrack that leads the film to a poignant ending. It’s a Hollywood classic done right.

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