80’s Music is Still Hip – But It Is Not Hop

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It is almost thirty years since the last number one record of the eighties, where Band Aid 2 represented the feelings of the electric decade in its fall.  From the beginning to the end of the eighties the range in different styles and choices of music varied from punk, ska, reggae, new wave, rock, heavy rock, soft rock with the odd classical rendition as well as Irish folklore rhythm thrown in for good measure.

However, after all this time the eighties revival is very much underway as we have witnessed re-unions recently by a number of acts from the era.  There are many eighties festivals where a number of acts appear during massive sell-out concerts in many large parks and under circus-style tents where the more now mature once a child of the eighties can re-live those moments when music was more than a way of life.

If you look at the older day television perceptions of music in the eighties, there was fantastic coverage of popular music were top of the pops was one of the highest rated shows by viewers, as well as radio, were music was almost religious. Now this does not mean to say that the younger people of today do not listen to their radio or watch television, however, the change to the digital era has of course created a wider screen for musical consumption, though one thing is most definitely for sure, the child of the eighties is still watching VH1 classics, or listening to their local radio eighties hour where the lust for the music from the days of yore is still very much that hip thing.

Can it be repetitive that the children of the noughties and of course the twenty-teens as we know it, will they be listening to their music in twenty years or so, for some reason, something tells me that I do not think so? Is this a case of “my music was better than yours”, certainly not. It is a case of sporadic everyday occurrence when visiting a coffee shop, a restaurant or for that matter even when walking through the nowadays huge supermarkets where renditions of the eighties are more commonly blasting out its stuff, so to speak, and for want of reason, it seems to be easier to listen to from that.

It can also be witnessed when cars are being driven around town centres and city centres that eighties music is a much more common presence , or is it just that I am going grey and wish I was sixteen years old again so that I could listen to my favourite sort of music, and that is the massive range of different sub-cultural beats and rhythms that were around in the electric era of the 1980s.

People from the era in question can solely identify with the start of songs where intros are like music to their ears so to say. Many radio stations also have 80’s hours where there listeners can relax and enjoy some of their favourite songs from their younger day whether it be in factories, offices or even when on the way to work in the drive time hours of morning time.

The reality is that 80’s music was an era where easy listening music came before rave, funked up dance or house which were next in the list from the early 90s. However for the child of the 80’s, the music of their era holds a special place in their hearts, because they were there to experience the many styles where not only music was a way of life, but also the choice of styles as far as clothing and dress was concerned.

It goes without saying that 80’s music is still hip – but not hop.

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