Edinburgh thriller Clique returns

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The second season of drama thriller Clique will be released on BBC Three today.

Set on the campus of the University of Edinburgh It follows the lives of several sassy and seductive girls who are each troubled in their own ways.

Season one was full of mystery, drugs and death with Holly played by Synnøve Karlsen. The series centres around female friendship when Holly and her childhood best friend Georgia are taken in by a group of older girls with sinister secrets. The season ended with Holly discovering financial mishaps and murder within Solasta Finance.

Some shocking horrors from Holly’s past were also revealed, sure to come back to haunt her and come up in season two.

Now we will see Holly living with Rachel – a more academic and quieter student, and in attempt to keep herself out of trouble. But another group of suave, mysterious men are attracted to Holly and will lead her off-track once again.

The season is a six-part series filmed in Edinburgh earlier this year, and is available online from Saturday 10th November.


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