Yer maw’s a demogorgon: Netflix goes Scottish

Netflix is promoting the release of its new Robert the Bruce film Outlaw King the only way appropriate.

It has rebranded the official Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account as Netflix Scotland.

On top of an updated bio that reads “yer maw’s a demogorgan”, it has been tweeting suggestions for Scottish versions of its shows, such as Queer Aye, Jack Whitehall: Travels wae ma Daand Bojock Horseman.

Users have also been sending in their suggestions, such as Irn (Bru) Fist and It’s Always Pishing Doon In Edinburgh.

It’s unclear if Netflix will be taking it so far as to produce these shows, but we hope they do.

In the meantime we’ll need to make do with Outlaw King, which is now streaming and will be reviewed in November’s issue of Brig.


Credit: Netflix UK

Categories: Culture, Film & TV


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