Conservative Society to host MPs in series of lectures

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The university’s Conservative Society are set to host a lecture series which will see a range of high profile Conservatives speak on campus.

Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire will be the society’s first guest of the year, in an series of lectures. The event takes place tonight, November 15.

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Mr Graham has been a member of parliament since 2017 after defeating the SNP’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh by 3,359 votes.

Before being elected MP, Mr Graham was finance director for the official Remain campaign, Stronger In.

Over the course of year, ConSoc are aiming to host a balanced range of speakers from both Leave and Remain ahead of Brexit.

In the wake of the Brexit news unfolding in the last 24 hours, this event offers students an insight into the current governmental crisis.

Craig Docherty, President of the Conservative Society told Brig: “Scottish Conservatism, indeed Conservatism in general, is a political ideology that is rarely discussed at university.

“It can be said that there is a great stigma in being a young Conservative at university, as well as a lack of understanding of the tenants that make up the ideology and the range of views being held by members of the party.

“This, combined with Brexit and the resurgence of Scottish Conservatism in the last Scottish and UK elections makes this an interesting time to host a lecture series that will bring a range of MPs, and a Lord, to Stirling to discuss what makes the a Conservative. We will also be asking our speakers to discuss how their Conservative beliefs influence their views on Brexit, and any other issues that they want to discuss.”

The series will see MPs from across the central belt and Aberdeenshire visit campus, including Stirling’s Stephen Kerr.

Tickets can be obtained by visiting the society’s Facebook page.

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