FANS Youth Film Festival comes to Glasgow this weekend

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The Festival for Youth by Youth is a film festival aimed at young film makers across Scotland.

The three-day film festival will run on the weekend of November 16-18 and will showcase a number of short films including, ‘City Sounds’, ‘Final Cut’ and ‘Surreal Scenes from Sock Dreams’ by the fantastically talented fourth-year student and head of Air TV Fiona Burton.

The festival has been organised by twelve young people from around Scotland, who have been working tirelessly in the months running up to the festival launch.

Leigh from the FANS Youth Team said, ”Our aim is to present the world of film in a welcoming manner to young people because we know how daunting it can be. Therefore, we have invited all sorts of industry professionals to present workshops and masterclasses in their area of craft, giving as much access as we can to aspiring young filmmakers”.

credit: ARTC studio

The festival therefore aims to present many great opportunities for those interested in the film industry.

Alongside the short films showcased, there will be several workshops, including ‘Behind the Scenes with Outlander’, ‘Women in Tech’, and ‘Foley Workshops’ with Oscar-nominated sound designer Ali Murray.

Additionally, an introduction to learning animation on I-Pads will be hosted.

All the workshops on the agenda look engaging and offer an opportunity to learn skills you wouldn’t necessarily have the chance to learn in University.

The events will take place at the Scottish Trades Union Congress, and all events on offer are free. You simply need to register online at https://filmaccess.scot/festival/.

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