Nursing students awarded for mental health work

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Featured Image Credit: University of Stirling

Last week, students enrolled in the University’s undergraduate nursing programme were acknowledged and awarded the “Practice Excellence” award by the Mental Health Nursing Forum in Scotland for their work in teaching nurses how to manage situations involving trauma in a work environment.

Since 2014, the University has been trying to develop the undergraduate programme so it includes more information about psychological trauma, with the aim of educating and informing students so that they can offer guidance to those affected and are aware of the symptoms of such trauma. The structure of learning has been diverse with students giving presentations, participating in social media campaigns and attending events with those within the discipline.

Margaret Conlon, lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport said:

“We are delighted to win this award as it is a validation of the type of undergraduate programme we are offering, that is different to other universities.”

When referring to the students, Conlon said:

“Students become agents of change who, in the process of becoming registered mental health nurses, embed trauma-informed care into practice.”

“Collectively, their activities provide a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates the influence of student learning on the dissemination of trauma-informed practice.”

Congratulations to the students involved in this great achievement.

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