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Simulation Theory: Muse back with their eighth studio album.  

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Released on the ninth of November Muse are back with a tremendous 21 track album that was the worth the three year wait. The Album cover was made by Stranger Things artist Kyle Lambert and has futuristic 80’s vibes with a bright pink neon background featuring members of the band. 

From the album cover you would expect something quite different from their previous albums. I may be slightly biased as Muse are definitely one of my favourite bands ever and this album has received some less than enthusiastic reviews saying the album is eight years too late for the sounds it’s bringing out.  

But I genuinely believe this is a great album with a lot of dystopian avant-garde sounds backed with resonant piano and vocals that have the authentic sound of Muse nothing else comes close to. The album has 20 tracks with a variety of sounds from the ambient chill songs to the more atmospheric new stuff.  

Listening to the album on a whole, it sounds jaunty and harmonious. With certain songs grabbing more attention like ‘Algorithm’ filled with ferocious drums and an electric rhythm that makes you feel ready to take a stand and explode with emotions. Dark Side is another great track with links back to fifth studio album The Resistance.  

Although, ‘Pressure’ seems to be most popular on the album and is already number two on Muse’s top tracks on Spotify. Which isn’t surprising giving its catchy fast melody and strong chorus. ‘Propaganda’ starts pretty similar to ‘Madness’ and follows that throughout, then trails off into a completely different sound that is jumpy and futuristic.  

‘Something Human’ is different from most tracks, the beats are softer, and the melody is like a pop song even a bit like imagine dragons. Regardless still a good tune.

It’s an album that is bound to sound incredible live but there is only one UK tour date in London this year before they move on to the U.S tour, hopefully coming back to the UK next year.

Credit: Cryptic Rock.
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