RBS customers unhappy after bad banking experience at Stirling branch

Ryan Barclay reports on the recent decision to transfer the RBS branch to the Thistles shopping centre


Recently the local RBS branch of Stirling has changed its location to the Thistles Shopping centre, which has frustrated some of its customers after they did not get the positive experience they were banking on.

When speaking to the Daily Record Davie Carrick described the store as “horrendous” whilst he tried to perform a currency exchange.

Another customer, Rhona Macdonald spoke to the Daily record and said:

 I went in last week and tried four times to pay money in on the automated payment method with the assistant showing me the system but of course it wouldn’t work first time.

The discontent comes after a number of closures including the most recent of both Dunblane and Bannockburn branches which were nearby to Stirling, with many more across the country.

These experiences will be disappointing  to the 2000 people who joined others in signing a petition to try and maintain the availability of the now closed Bannockburn branch earlier this year.

When approached for comment by the Daily Record , an RBS Spokesperson said:

Our new branch has many new features and services that make banking easier for customers and we have more colleagues on hand to help. It’s early days for this new branch but so far the overall feedback has been good and we will continue to listen and learn from customer feedback in the coming weeks.

Source: The Daily Record

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