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University of Stirling Golf Teams off to a flying start

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This semester all five of the Stirling University Golf teams have been winning to keep them at the top of the league.

The 1A`s are currently at the top of the 1A league after an impressive seven-three away win against Aberdeen’s first team in Dornoch on Sunday. This result means they finish top of the league with an 100% record this season.

But that wasn’t the only success this week.  

The second team also finish at the top of their league after another convincing display beating Glasgow’s first team eight-nil.  

The third team is in league 2A with the seconds and stay above two first teams from Glasgow. Their most recent successful game was an outstanding win against St Andrews second team, where they emerged victorious five-three. Stirling thirds have won this season against a number of first teams, and after an uncertain start they have managed to finish third in the 2A league.  

It’s no surprise that Stirling’s fourth team are also at the top of their league after beating Glasgow’s second team seven-one on Sunday. Stirling’s fifth team sit just behind them at second in the league. After an unbelievable season they have finished with promotion to league 3A.

This is down to the work put in from this year’s captain George Kent this year who said,” We couldn’t have had a better league campaign. Every member of the team worked incredibly hard in practice and I’m happy that they have the league to show for it.”

Also with an 100% record this season. The fifths drew yesterday with St Andrews fourth team but remained in second place after a great result at the Jubilee.

This has been a tremendous season for the whole of Stirling University golf club.

President Sean Davidson told Brig ,”Regarding the results I am absolutely delighted for all those involved, it is testament to the hard work everybody has put in over the last few months. I would like to personally thank all my captains for their hard work and assistance in preparing the teams. Although we will enjoy these results the work is always on-going and i am now focused on getting the teams ready to go on cup runs and trying to bring more success to the club.”

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