Wilson and Hutton take on the town

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The live music scene in Stirling is forever growing bigger and bigger every year. It is almost impossible to avoid a live band or singer playing in one of the many pubs in the town when out for the weekend. However, there is always room for something a little different.

Wilson and Hutton are taking over the locally famous Mediterranea on Thursday night for a night of stripped back acoustic performance of their original talent.

I sat down with Robbie Hutton to learn more about the duo and the plans of what is said to be a sell out show.

Having known Robbie Hutton, already from the music scene in Stirling, I was intrigued to hear that he had organised this night, not only for himself but with his friend Chris Wilson. At first I thought they had become a dynamic duo however, Robbie informed me that the night is two separate sets. With the addition of other musicians forming a band along with acoustic songs, the boys will be showcasing their immense local talent.

The contrast in genre is really set to make this event stand out. “You’re guaranteed to be captivated, it’s a night of story telling through song” Hutton discussed, “It’s a song writing spectacle, it’s between light and shade.”

Credit: Robbie Hutton Facebook

This is the first time the boys have shared a gig, nothing like this has been brought to Stirling before. Hutton went onto explain “Chrissy brings you to the absolute depths of your mind, then I come on and bring you back to the surface.” He describes himself as having a “chilled pop” sound, writing and singing songs about love and heartbreak. When talking about Chris, “he sings songs about misconception and deceit , it’s almost aggressive in nature, he takes you to the dark side of town.”

“People should come to see diverse original local talent, it’s something different than your usual night out.” Both artists will be holding a 45 minute long set starting around 8pm in the local intimate venue.

The next gig they have lined up is in December in Amsterdam where they will have six shows in three days.

Hutton also has a new single due for release early next year, Battlefield will be released alongside a music video portraying Robbie’s talent in a new light.

“I want to build the recognition for local music in Stirling, I’m starting local and then plan is to branch even further out.”

Both singers sing with pure emotion, they describe real life experiences, there is a hidden message in every song. Don’t miss the event this Thursday 29th November.

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