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Netflix Original: How To Get Over A Break Up / Soltera Codiciada

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New to Netflix this week is a Spanish Netflix Original based in beautiful Lima, Peru. It focusses on a woman dealing with her six year relationship ending through Skype. Based on a true story that started with a blog by writer Marìa José Osorio who adapted the blog posts and book based on the blogs into this film.

The main character María Fé, is a ads copy writer who really would love to be a writer but has got stuck somewhere between trying to make her ex happy and a job with a horrible misogynistic boss who constantly puts her and her female colleague down.

After breaking up with her long term boyfriend Matias María goes through all the typical awful stages of a break up, think getting drunk and calling your ex seventeen times at three AM in the morning because it definitely seemed like a good idea at the time. Waking up with no dignity hating yourself for what you have done.

Eventually with the help of her best friend and new flat mate she begins to stop wallowing in self pity and try to move on. But like every now and then the ex comes crawling back telling her all those things she thought she wanted to hear.

This is the turning point where she begins to write a blog, which to her surprise takes off! The blog is based on lessons finishing on lesson 100, ‘A princess who rescues herself, respects herself’. The blog is available on the Screenwriters website:

La película

On a whole, it is quite a predictable film, but an uplifting, easy to watch comedy that will leave you feeling like you can get your shit together. It’s also a reminder that you should love yourself before any relationship.

It is a seven out of ten but definitely better than your usual break up films where the solution is always the right guy magically comes along which most people will know isn’t true.

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