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Will Stirling Council’s proposal ruin Business in Upper Craigs?

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Businesses in Upper Craigs, Stirling, have mixed opinions on new road proposals.

Stirling Council have proposed a new scheme, part of which involves a new motorway between M9 and A811 Dumbarton Road. This would be implemented as part of Stirling’s ongoing local transport strategy (LTS).

Although there are no definite plans for Upper Craigs, one proposal made by the council is opening up the bottom of Upper Craigs. This will leave more space for cycling and walking around the area.

The council promises “the delivery of the road will help rebalance the city centre in favour of the people” however businesses are still skeptical.

Local business partner in Computer Division, Zahir Haider, says “cars won’t be able to stop as much unless the bottom end of Upper Craigs is opened up.”

He believes “we do need an ecological future but have got to do it maintaining the livelihood of locals” which means for Upper Craigs to succeed, the road must become busier and be opened up at the bottom towards Craigs Roundabout.

Hair Stylist at Zoo Hair and Beauty, Paula McCrae, says “footfall is fine because of residents and the gym” so there is no need for Upper Craigs to be made busier. McCrae feels it would be best for Zoo if the roads around it are busier and Upper Craigs maintains heavy footfall and less traffic and cars on the street”

There is already “nowhere for people to park” says Kate Buchanan, Bastion Property management. This means if the other side was opened up there would be too many cars and less spaces, so less customers for businesses.

Andrew Thomson, 44, Inspector Forth Valley Road Policing Unit says “this will increase safety for pedestrians.” which is vital for Stirling’s residents.

Forth Valley MSP Mark Russell said “while suggested traffic calming measures around Dumbarton Road and Upper Craigs would be welcome, improving the attractiveness of the town centre, these are not part of the current planning application.”

He also called the current plan “a costly white elephant”.

Upper Craigs links Wellgreen, Port Street, Albert Place, Craigs Roundabout and Dumbarton Road. It is a major hotspot for businesses and residents, as well as being part of Stirlings busy centre.

Stirling Council is “set out to improve” these roads and believe the proposal would “better promote the city.” However not all businesses agree it would be good for their custom, and for some it could be detrimental. Some hope that it could increase customers if implemented carefully and correctly.

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