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50 things you need to do before you graduate

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During archiving for the 50th anniversary alumni ball, I discovered an article from the late 80’s on 50 things you need to do before you graduate.

Here is our updated version for 2018, leaving our Fourth year students only a couple of months left to reach the end of our list so get on it!

1. Snogged a fourth year.

2. Woke up not knowing where you are or how you got there.

3. Watched something in MacRobert other than a film.

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credit: MacRobert.

4. Complained about boring fourth years.

5. Had a problem with fungus in your fridge.

6. Slept in for a 3 o’clock lecture.

7. Been reprimanded by Green meanies.

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credit:urban dictionary

8. Walked up to the Wallace Monument

9. Eaten yesterday’s leftovers for breakfast.

10. Sneaked someone past the porter after 1am.

11. Get banned from the library.

12. Drunk beer by the loch in summer exam time.

Credit: Highland tours

13. Walked up Dumyat.

14. Getting excited about seeing a deer.

15. Missed Stirling over the holidays.

16. Had a toastie in the Christian union.

17. Gone to the wrong lecture.

18. Lost something (lecture notes, sanity, virginity, the plot).

19. Read the whole of Brig (and we mean the whole thing).

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20. Finished an essay five minutes before it is due in.

21.Done a pub crawl in Bridge of Allan.

22. Managed to make a packet of pasta last a whole week.

23. Christened the toilets in the union.

24. Snogged a friend.

25. Seen Cascada at Freshers.

26. Had a fire alarm go off in campus accomodation, whilst having a one night stand.

27. Lived off-campus

28. Fallen in love (at least once).


29. Joined a sports club (at least for fresher’s week).

30. Gone to the Vue cinema on a weekend.

31. Taken poppers in Tingle.

32. Fancied a lecturer.

33. Dyed your hair or had a radical hair cut.

34. Gone to Fubar or Dusk.

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Credit: The lick list

35. Drunk in at least one of the following: Nicky Tams, Cape, or Spoons.

36. Had a duvet day.

37. Thought doing a postgrad was a good idea.

38. Listened to AIR3.

39. Vomited in the Union.

40. Contracted food poisoning.

41. Lived with a psycho flat mate.

42. Visited the castle.

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credit: Stirling Castle.

43. Chased rabbits.

44. Read at least one course book.

45. Done an all-nighter in the library.

46. Had sex on the golf course.

47. Complained about noisy first years.

48. Spent three years trying to get rid of the dodgy friends you met in first year.

49. Snogged a first year.

50. Nicked a flag post from the golf course.

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  1. This article is a pure disgrace! Enraged and ashamed to read it and even more ashamed that the uni I attend has published it. This just highlights the current problematic and toxic attitude towards higher education. Drinking, stealing, shagging, snogging… If those are the main reasons someone should attend uni or ‘NEED to do before graduating’ it is no surprise that having a degree means less and less in the labour market and why landlords refuse to let to students and why students get such a bad rep. SOME of us come to uni to study and better ourselves, not to lose our virginities or snog/shag anything that moves or drink till we forget what we learned. Yes, you can have fun while in education but absolutely no one ‘NEEDS’ to do these things and even if someone has done all of these things I see nothing worth bragging about shagging in the golf field or vomiting or ‘christening’ toilets in the union… Seriously, who passed this thing?

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