First Bus announce UL to revert to original route

Credit: Stirling Students’ Union

Stirling’s Uni-Link buses are reverting back to their original routes as of January 14th, allowing students to leave campus via the Pathfoot bus stop as buses leave through the front entrance.

VP Communities, Jamie Grant, alongside Union President Astrid Smallenbroek, made the announcement on Grant’s Facebook page, crediting the change to the surplus of student feedback the Students’ Union has received.

He also announced that the Students’ Union is currently in negotiation with First Bus to restore some Hillfoots services. Some of the previously available routes will be available starting February, and Grant reassures that more details will arrive soon.

First Bus and Stirling University have received a considerable amount of backlash over the recent state of buses.  October, 78 per cent of students declared that they have had a negative experience with the available buses.

Additionally, the university’s new bus hub has caused issues for drivers, displacing cars to outside of the campus due to a scarcity of spaces.

With this announcement, however, it appears that steps are being made to restore a bus service of greater value to students.


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