Album review: Robyn – Honey

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It has been eight years since the Swedish Pop veteran released an album. While Robyn might have taken her sweet time, it immediately became clear why.

The album kicks-off with Missing U, a heartbreak anthem that makes you want to dance around whilst sobbing simultaneously.

While the lyrics tell the story of a love ending too soon, the synthesized sound and steady beat embody the mixed feeling of anger and sadness. All together creating a song that reflects the multi-dimensional character of a broken heart.

The more slow-paced Baby forgive me, transports the listener to a summer festival. On the track, a live audience can be heard softly in the background. This in combination with the techno-inspired vibe, one can only imagine itself to be dancing among thousands while Robyn’s hypnotizing voice carries you into a state of pure bliss.

Ever since Robyn released her debut album in 1995 she graced the music industry with classic dance tracks like Dancing on my own and Call your girlfriend. Honey delivers a softer side of the singer. No longer is she on her own, she mourns the end of love but firmly states that she chooses to love in Ever Again. With lyrics as ´Never gonna be brokenhearted ever again, I’m only gonna sing about love ever again’ making it crystal clear.

One of the most remarkable songs, Beach2k20, features limited vocals emulating a chat conversation about a night out, and can only be described as a modern-day Madonna Vogue remake. Adding a playful element to the track list while making one ponder about turning to drag, only to be able to use this song for some split dropping, wig snatching performance.

Between the lines shows off Robyn’s ability to take the 90’s to the 21st century in a way that has not been done by any other. The song gives the classic saying “actions speak louder than words” a soundtrack with utmost dancing potential. The title track Honey was the first song to be released of the album and was so loved by fans that the #releasehoney was created out of sheer enthusiasm. The song builds up slowly, igniting a yearning for more.

All and all there is nothing else to be said then “she did it again”, Honey was  one of the best albums released in 2018. The only critique that can be given surrounds the length of the album. With only nine songs the album feels like a taster. Almost as if Robyn seduced us with a whole cake while only serving us one single slither of a piece.

Honey is an album that should be listened to on your everyday commute, giving you the perfect soundtrack to strut down the aisle of your local supermarket or to be blasted out loud during festival season. I’ll be sure to keep it on repeat.



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