Historic defeat for PM on Brexit vote

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Westminster has spoken by overwhelmingly rejecting Prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal by 230 votes. This is one of the biggest losses in parliament in modern times.

432 MPs voted against May whose vote was already postponed due to her lack of confidence in getting the deal through parliament.

The EU withdrawal deal is an agreement between the EU and Theresa May that must be approved by parliament, that has divided the whole parliament, not to mention the whole country. Now it is not only the remain voters but also supporters of Brexit.

The vote finally took place today, and the future is even more uncertain now as Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a motion of no confidence against Theresa May. The vote will be held tomorrow following the Commons debate.

The majority of votes were made up from mostly Labour with 248 voting against, followed by 118 of May’s party Conservatives. All SNP members who attended also rejected the deal.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon later tweeted:

“Historic defeat for the PM and it has been obvious for months that it was coming. Enough time has been wasted. It is time to stop the Article 50 clock and put this issue back to electorate. Scotland voted to remain in the EU and we should not be dragged out against our will.”

The future of the UK is still unclear. On Wednesday, parliament will debate and vote on the motion. If the government loses the vote tomorrow Theresa May would have two weeks to arrange a new parliament. If that government is not approved by parliament there will be a general election. At the moment the UK’s best option. Although if they win the vote they will have to bring Plan B – which is still unknown.

Since June 2017, not only has the PM’s government suffered more defeats in thr Commons than Cameron, Blair, Brown and Major combined over 25 years but now suffered a historical defeat and leaves the UK vulnerable at a crucial time.

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