“Clansmen Versus” creates unique matchups in new fundraiser

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The Stirling Clansmen are challenging a plethora of the university’s women’s teams to their respective sports, kicking off with a game of lacrosse tonight.

The “Clansmen Versus” campaign sees the men’s American football team face off against five different women’s teams to raise funds for each society, with proceedings being split equally between the two competitors.

The idea stemmed from the want for a “fun and more unique fundraiser,” says Antonio Capasso, the Clansmen’s wide receiver and social media manager. The idea grew from just a game of netball to the entire five-game series.

The fundraising aspect isn’t the only goal, however, as “in the last year, the team has been wanting to get more social,” says Capasso. He also hopes the campaign will increase game-day support and spark new interest in other university teams.

A game against women’s lacrosse will initiate the campaign, to be proceeded by volleyball, water polo, netball, and a final which is currently undecided. The Clansmen are novices in all of these sports, but that doesn’t mean their opponents will go easy on them.

“We’re going to play smart” laughs women’s lacrosse president Rosie Hazell. Their team also liked the idea, seeing it as a fun and effective way to raise funds. Hazell is confident in a women’s lacrosse victory.

Fundraisers like these are incredibly important for university societies as they help pay for kits and other equipment, plus the cost of hosting home games and so on. Donations can be made both at the games and online.

The lacrosse game will take place tonight at 8PM, January 22nd, on the sand base by the university swimming pool. The next game of volleyball, will be on February 2nd.

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