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Several student email accounts compromised in phishing scam

A "Display trusted message" link results in students handing over their personal account details.

Several student email accounts have been compromised as the result of a new phishing scam.

A “Display trusted message” link is placed within seemingly normal emails, but clicking it will forfeit personal account information.

If you have clicked this link, immediately reset your university account password here.

Stirling University is warning students to be extra vigilant as the phishing emails are personally catered, even appearing as replies. “Pre-Exam Stress Relieving Sessions” or “Badminton GIAG” are some of the subject lines used.

It appears the address books of any compromised accounts are being used to send further emails, meaning virtually any student or staff is at risk.

Microsoft Office 365 – the student mail service provider – are currently blocking outgoing emails from accounts sending a suspicious volume. The information centre is then disabling these accounts if they are indeed compromised.

The university’s infrastructure team is currently investigating to understand if they can block the scam emails altogether.

A phishing scam also occurred just last month using similar methods. The university urges students to always be vigilant and “think before you click.”

Any further concerns can be taken up with the Information Centre, through email at or phone at 01786 467250.

Photo credit: University of Stirling

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