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A mental twitter campaign to get the 90’s alternative rock band Weezer to cover ‘Africa by Toto led by a fourteen year old girl at the end of 2017, has led to a whole album of covers by the band. The fourteen year old started the campaign in December 2017 under the name @Weezerafrica. Her efforts paid off alongside the support from the rest of the internet.

By May, Weezer had ‘blessed the rains’ by releasing their cover to Spotify. This was more than just pleasing their fans and ended up being a clever marketing ploy for their 2017 release Pacific Daydream. A pretty great addition from Weezer filled with grungy but catchy tunes that sound a little Twenty One Pilots esq.


The Teal Album is surprise a covers album. Mostly consisting of 80’s songs including the Internets favourite ‘Africa’. The album also features TLC No Scrubs which reaches its twentieth anniversary next month alongside Black Sabbath and Micheal Jackson. Each song has a specific sound to it, with their individual take on some classic songs.

I was a little apprehensive that they were taking the covers thing too far and would end up annihilating some of my favourite songs, but look past the gaudiness whilst appreciating the ongoing meme, this is actually a pretty good album of covers that sound great with weezer’s take on them.

This once again is a kitsch teaser for their upcoming thirteenth studio album The Black Album set to be released on the first of March.

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