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Do you find yourself listening to the same songs over and over again? Are you the one friend that can never sing along during carpool karaoke, simply because you don’t know the latest tunes? No fear, 2019 is here! With these tips you are sure to enjoy all the music this year has in store.

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Youtube (Free)

Our number one stop is YouTube, while you might have used it for make-up reviews to bike repair tutorials, YouTube is a goldmine for anything music.

Number one rule? Turn on your Autoplay, this will allow YouTube to send you into the vortex that is ‘recommended’. Don’t be fooled, the little gnome inside YouTube that decides what video plays next has a great taste in music, making sure that you will find a new artist within your preferred genre in no time.

Do you prefer to pick and decide yourself? YouTube channel ‘Colors’ gives a platform to some of the best upcoming artist against a colourful backdrop. Looking for entire live performances? The channel ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’ invites some of the big and best artist over to perform their songs live inside a cluttered office, T-pain’s performance is one everyone should listen to once.

More interested in the meaning behind songs?The ‘Genius’ channel invites artist over to explain song lyrics, sometimes transforming songs before your eyes.

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Spotify (Free to £4.99 a month with student discount)

While it makes a whole lot of sense to include a music streaming service, you might not be fully aware of everything Spotify has to offer.

Besides services like your ‘Daily Mixes’, based on different genre’s, Spotify also automatically creates personal playlists with the sole aim to find you new music. Take a look at your ‘Spotify Release Radar’ playlist, here you’ll find any new music released by some of your current favourite artists.

The ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist does exactly what is promises, by giving you a whole list with tracks from new artist you would love based on your current streams.

If you want a little more control, follow an official Spotify curated playlist based on a specific genre. For any RnB lovers the ‘Are & be’ and ‘Love, Sex & Water’ playlists are a must follow.

Music Journalism (Free)

Source: Brig

Finally, good old-fashioned music journalism. From the Guardian’s excellent music section, to rollingstone.com and pitchfork.com; the world wide web is filled with people who are happy to share their excellent music taste.

Check out review’s on new releases or scroll through the recently released list of 2018 Top albums on the guardian. You are assured to find some quality tunes from artist you would have never heard off but never would have wanted to miss. And of course there is always Brig to keep you up to date on all the latest tunes and bops.



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