Stirling MP proposes UK wide investment bank

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The Conservative Party MP for Stirling, Stephen Kerr, has proposed that the UK should have a UK wide investment bank.

When approached for comment by Brig about the idea Stephen Kerr stated: “A UK investment Bank would provide the long term capital needed for small businesses to expand, strengthening our economy and our jobs market.”

Kerr also added that the UK is “known for inventors and innovators” but often not recognised for its ability to transform them into “nationally and internationally known brands and businesses”.

When approached for comment about the idea of a UK wide investment bank, local SNP MSP Bruce Crawford told Brig that: “Already Scottish Enterprise run a Scottish investment bank.” and businesses were “crying out for investment”


Crawford also added: “The Scottish Government is already building a Scottish national investment bank”, which aims to offer the necessary  guidance for “early stage investment into small and medium enterprises.”

Crawford described the call for a UK wide investment bank as understandable because “other parts of the UK are looking at what Scotland is doing and would like to see this level of initiative emulated elsewhere.”

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