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For those of you who aren’t celebrating all the amazing times you have spent with the ones you love this valentines day. We don’t have flowers or chocolates but we do have a playlist full of songs to make you nostalgic and a lil bit melancholic about all your valentines before. Our collaborative playlist is available on Spotify now- Brig’s best breakup songs.

Here is my personal top ten that has helped me through numerous heartbreaks throughout the years. Mostly made up of the Script’s album Science and faith and numerous other cheesy sad songs that make you feel everything is ten times worse than you did before you thought drinking a bottle of wine, crying to break-up songs was a good idea.

10) Stop and Stare – One Republic.
This song still makes me feel a bit weepy with its nostalgic tones that take me back to the first time I thought I was heartbroken.

9) Say Something – A Great Big World and Christine Aguilera.
A softer song, with less to say. The kind of song to play when you still kind of have hope but at the same time know that your relationship is past the point of redemption. Most people will hear this song and know it but unable to remember the name or artist.

8) Breakeven – The Script.
This one takes me back to being fourteen being profoundly shook at how accurate the lyrics were, whilst coping with my first break-up and it has remained a firm favourite ever since.

7) Drive By- Train
Once again takes me back to my high school days and the summer of 2013. A more upbeat breakup song but still oh so relatable.

6) Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye
Another absolute tune from a while back. This one is for after you are finished the self-wallowing and craving pity. More for the turning point when you realize the freedom of breaking up and all the good things about moving on.

5) Don’t Look Back In Anger
Another one for when you nearly finished crying, that reminds you that all important lesson it’s always better to move on from a break-up gracefully. Self-worth will always be more important than any relationship and eventually, the right person will come along.

4) How To Save A Life – The Fray
Surprise it’s another song that takes me back to my teenage years. A beautiful track that will be one of my forever break-up songs.

3) White Flag – Dido
Surprised it’s only number three, but White Flag will always remain one of my favourite break-up songs ever. Dido’s alluring vocals will always make this track outstanding.

2) Fix You – Coldplay 
I was between this and The Scientist, but I’m sure I have cried to this one more. Not just for break-ups this is my go-to song for loss cliché I know but it has always offered me some sense of comfort when I lost my 13-year-old cat, my grandma, my first love and my ex-fiancé. So if there is any song to open up your emotional side this is it.

1) The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script
Solely because this track got me through my first heartbreak, the lyrics. The oh so recognisable intro that draws you in, bringing out your vulnerable side. Fourteen-year-old Iona found the lyrics so relatable and apparently so does 21-year-old Iona. For every relationship that has fallen apart,  this song transports me back to the first kiss, the first moment I got butterflies and realised how much I had fallen for the guy. Hence my number once breakup song ever- the tune that will bring your through the great times, whilst reminding you why it didn’t work with a hard metaphor knowing that guy will never be waiting on that corner where you first met.

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