First Minister makes speech at Georgetown University

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The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon made a speech at Georgetown University in the U.S. this week as part of “Women World Leaders” week.

The First Minister who described the speech as “an absolute honour” outlined the history and “enduring friendship” between Scotland and the USA.

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On the subject of Brexit, the First Minister  described Scotland’s relationship with and involvement in the EU as “one of the most important means in which we have been able to expand our economy and expand our economic opportunities and maximise our influence.”

Sturgeon added that “by and large” the people of Scotland  did not perceive or view the EU as a “threat to our own national sovereignty” and that the European question was not as “controversial” in Scotland. Instead, she argued that the European Union offered an opportunity to “work together” and “amplify our voice”.

The First Minister also took the opportunity to reiterate her opposition to Brexit, stating :

“Let me be clear, I oppose Brexit. I don’t want the UK to leave the EU, but there was nothing inevitable about the chaos and the difficulties that that process has ended up being mired in.”

On the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a deal, the First Minister described it as “hugely damaging” and said the UK Government should “confirm that it will do absolutely everything to avoid the UK leaving with no deal”, and extend Article 50.

The First Minister proposed two options: the “closest forms of partnership with the EU”, as she argued this would “at least minimise the harm to the economy caused by leaving the EU”, or another referendum on EU membership, which the First Minister described as the “better option” of the two.

Regarding a Scottish independence referendum the First Minister said:

 “I will set out my thoughts on the timing of another independence referendum in the next few weeks – once the terms of Brexit have become clearer.”

Let us know your thoughts !

You can read the full speech at:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s speech at Georgetown University




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