Mental health: Pause and reflect

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By Haneen Akbari

We live in a world where negativity has grasped the human population.

They say you cannot help the negativity that knocks on your door, and I partially agree because we live in a world today where negativity is broadcasted and discussed, while the good is silenced and left in the corner without an ounce of celebration. That starts to make me wonder whether maybe that’s the reason behind one out of ten people facing mental health issues. Or maybe the statistics are wrong and more people face it, but silently.

Mental health is an issue that is taken seriously more and more every day, yet this stance has not reached all parts of the world and due to that many people don’t understand it. Anxiety, stress, sadness or any type of emotional outbursts are usually neglected or ignored, with some even calling the outbursts an attention-seeking ploy.

What if I tell you that attention-seeking can be linked to potential personality disorders and more?

credit: REN

We live in a time where every single one of us sits and judges those who try to express themselves, not realizing that this is a person actually asking for help, or trying to ease their pain. That judgment alone can make the individual feel a range of different emotions that could exacerbate the issues they already have.

Therefore, as they say – every action has a reaction – and that’s why we should always be careful about what we do or say to anyone because you never really know what someone is going through, or what their thinking in that exact moment is. Every word and every interaction counts.

So my fellow readers, please take five minutes out of your day to go and hug your loved ones and tell them they matter. Be kind and smile, be friendly with whoever you meet, because you really don’t know what others have experienced in the past, or are going through right now.



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