How to celebrate Galentine’s day right

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While those with significant others stare into each other’s eyes on the 14th of February, the singles celebrate the day before. Here is why and how you will be throwing the best Galentine’s party of your life this 13th of February.

The premise is simple; lady friends leave existing or non-existing significant others at home. Taking part in any event with the main goal of “ladies celebrating ladies”.  This all thanks to legendary Leslie Knope of the hit show Parks and recreations christening it as only “the best day of the year. In short, it is a valentine’s day for your friendships, and here is how to do it.


Step 1:
Get your favourite gall of guy palls all together, hyped and psycked. Make that facebook event, create that annoying group app. Spam the chat with songs like “thank u next” and “girls just want to have fun”. They might beg you to stop but we all know they secretly love it.

Step 2:
Wine, sparkly wine, maybe even champagne? Go as wild as your debit card will allow you to. Snacks you say? What about a potluck, exclusively existing out of deserts? Did someone say strawberry rose cake? Maybe an old school sleepover completes with Lizzy Mcguire movies and home-made beauty masks. Prefer something luxurious, get those cute butts to the spa for a serious self-care sesh.


 source: asparklefactor

Step 3:
This is a no phone day, except for the mandatory insta stories and gall pall appreciation posts. No texts to bae and most definitely no texts to the ex. This is a day of celebrating, not a day of sadness. Who cares if you haven’t gotten a Valentine’s for the fourth time in a row. You have got your glorious ladies, men who?

Step 4:
Grab yourself a bowl, scented paper and pens. It’s time to write down something you love about each of your girls. Throw them together and let the rain of compliments begin. This is what we call a glow up. If you’ve got enough of the sweet stuff why not play a good old game of “most likely“?

Step 5:
What is a party without tunes? Brig is here to help a girl out; this playlist is all you’ll need. Stop munching on cupcakes and end the night with a karaoke competition. Whether you end up in the club or snuggle up in bed for Magic Mike. You’ve got your girls, and that’s all you need.

Credit: asparklefactor

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