Long distance to cohabitation a multicultural couples perspective.

Linda Casey, 20, a politics and arabic student from Edinburgh, Scotland and Badr Tabghi, 21, from Rabat, Morocco have been together for two years. They moved in together in September in Fez when Linda moved to Morocco for her year abroad. After spending the first year and a half of their relationship long distance. 


How did you guys first meet?

Linda: So this story goes back a long time, I don’t know if I followed him first or he followed me first on Instagram. But there was one moment we followed each other. Whilst I was still in a relationship with his friend. About a year, after I broke up with my ex he accidently sent me a picture of sunglasses, then we began talking.

Badr: I remember seeing her for the first time at the skatepark during Ramadan. I thought she was from Sweden, with her long white blonde hair. I asked my friend but he couldn’t remember where she was from. I had no idea we would one day be living together in Morocco.

How was it spending the first year and a half of your relationship long distance?

Badr: It was really difficult to be honest, we spoke about four times a week on Skype but being so far away from each other made it hard to grow closer.

Linda: Yeah the first year was quite tough, we spoke for three months before we first met when I travelled to Morocco.

That’s a long time to be long distance, was there a sexual side to your relationship before you moved to Morocco or just emotional?

Linda: Yeah we did over camera, through facetime etc. We managed.

How long did it take to get used to living together?

Linda: I’m probably still not used to it. My mum has always said it’s not natural for men and women to live together, and she would never live with a man again. I think I pick up a bit of that from her. I like my own space so it’s probably why I end up in long distance relationships.


Badr: Difficult, neither of us have lived with a partner before.

Who does the cooking? 

Badr: Of course it’s me, I think she has cooked about five times since she moved to Morocco and most of those times I did 90% of the work.

So who does the cleaning?

Linda: I do the dishes.

Badr: No Linda, not you, it’s 50/50.

Linda: Who cleans the floor?

Badr: Who cleans the room, who cleans the bathroom? Who cleans the toilet where you pee up the wall, of course me!T

credit: Badr Tabghi

So it’s quite balanced, What is your favourite thing about each other?

Badr: She is funny and kind. I can say I feel myself with around her. Finally, after two years since the last bad experience I went through, she has opened the window and let the light come inside the room. 

Linda: The fact we can slag each other off and we don’t get offended, I’m totally comfortable around him. I love his beard, he’s got a good beard, everyone is envious of it. I don’t like when he shaves it because I don’t like the stubble when he is going down on me. 

What about worst habits?

Linda: Not realising that he is shouting in the house, on the phone, to other people. He sounds angry but then he gets annoyed because I ask if he is angry. In reality, he sounds like an ogre.

Badr: The big mess she leaves. We need to speak about the important things. When she does not listen to me. For example, she wants to keep doing stuff that is normal in Scotland but not so normal here. How she is dressed, how she eats, how she is laughing in the public places. How she is dealing with the people she does not know. 

So Linda could you see yourself living in Morocco full-time? 

Nope, it brings out the worst in us, it’s either really hot or really cold. People harass me all the time which pisses off Badr. 

Badr would you move to Scotland? 

I think it is the only choice we have, because Linda can’t live in Morocco so I would need to.

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