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Habits. They form a big part of every human being’s life – for both good and bad. As an automated reaction to a certain situation, a habit is formed through the etching of neural pathways caused by a repeated behavioral pattern. Basically, if you do something over and over, your brain picks up on that and adds whatever-this-may-be to its list of shortcuts – making whatever-this-may-be easier to access in the future.

If whatever-this-may-be turns out to be spending too big a portion of your hard earned bucks on fast-fashion – knowing that it’s not the best for the planet, nor the people working to create these disproportionally cheap garments – you will be happy to hear that a habit can be broken in just the same way that it is created; through repetition.

By repeatedly clicking onto the websites listed down below, a world of ethically sourced, organically produced – or even better, recycled – clothes will open up before of your eyes. A world in which you can take pride in your slightly shopaholic-habits, knowing that you are not contributing to the unfairness that is the fast-fashion industry.

Not only will you be exposed to some incredibly badass vintage finds that you – unlike the contesting fast-fashion-ones surely will not spot about six other people wearing when strolling around town – but you will also stumble upon clothes made from dandy, sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic bottles and hemp, to name but a few.

A common misconception about shopping ethical and sustainable clothing is that it will burn a hole in your wallet, which is just that, a misconception. Although the prices will undeniably be higher than those you find in say, Primark, the high quality of what you are buying makes it the smarter buy in the end.

Something that actually is harmful in this situation though, is the working-conditions within many fast-fashion-factories. It is harmful for the people sweating away inside of non-ventilated, unsafe buildings, breathing in toxic substances for weeks on end. Working inhumane hours, for money which hardly puts food on their table. Not to mention all the children forced to work within the industry. Then there’s the great toll which the never-ending spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, sewing and transportation of clothes has on the environment. The humongous levels of water pesticides, and chemicals used when producing cotton fibers. The list goes on.

So, rather than habitually clicking on to the ever-changing fast-fashion sites, pick up the habit of writing emails to these giants, demanding a fair work-environment for everyone along their supply chain, and follow that up by some feel-good shopping on one of the awesome sites down below. Now, that’s a habit to take pride in, and wear with confidence – just like your dazzling sustainable outfits!



This clever app, allowing peer-to-peer social shopping, works the booming-vintage-market like nothing else. Anyone can create an account to sell their hand-me-downs E-bay style and simultaneously browse for clothes & inspiration in true Pinterest-style-spirit. Secondhand shopping – better for your style, and the planet. 

ASOS Marketplace


Launched in 2010, this online platform represents over 800 boutiques from all around the world – a diversity which allows for unique, cheap and colourful secondhand finds, catering for any style on the planet. If you are into fashionable fleeces to keep you warm whilst looking cool during these cold winter days – this is the place to browse.

OXFAM Charity Shop


As a multitude of independent charitable organizations, with the main focus of fighting global poverty, Oxfam is not only to be found on high streets but now also operates online. With 83p for every £1 you pay going “directly to emergency, development and campaigning work”, shopping for clothes on here will not only dress yourself but possibly also someone else, in need.



With the mission statement, “Clothing manufacturing has become nameless and faceless. And yet, the people behind the products we buy are anything but. Join us in celebrating the people who make the clothing we wear.”, this company nails it on every level. Not only do they sell high quality, fairly sourced, basic apparel, but they also provide us with some independent, out-there designs, to fill our wardrobes with.



With each product made hand-signed by the person who made it, the supply-chain throughout this company is easy to follow. Working together with non-profit partners to provide job opportunities for women in need in Uganda and Peru, the products that Krotchet Kids sells, are made with love – which will shine through on anyone wearing them!


credit: https://www.dazeyla.com/

Last, but not least, here is Dazeyla – selling “art apparel with a mission to empower women.” Although pricier than the other sites, the funky designs and brave colours on display made this site impossible to leave off this list. In a process which they refer to as “Slow Fashion”, this in-house brand has all its apparel hand drawn and handmade to order in LA. So rather than purchasing three semi-cool dresses from H&M, buy only one super-rad dress on here and rock it, knowing that you do not need more – just better!

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