Incoming University Chancellor calls for UK council of ministers

photo credit: University of Stirling

Former First Minister of Scotland  and former University of  Stirling student Lord Jack McConnell has called for a “new structure” when giving evidence to the UK Parliament Scottish Affairs Committee.

Lord McConnell  who was First Minister of Scotland between 2001 and 2007 and an MSP until 2011  gave the evidence stating that :

 After Brexit, when there are quite clearly some powers being repatriated from Brussels,  but also with Britain’s new role in the world with trade deals and so on—and so many of these areas involve both devolved and reserved powers—I think there is a need to have a new structure”

Lord McConnell added that  a UK council of ministers would :

“That would give proper respect and due weight to the devolved Governments alongside the UK Government in joint decision-making, for example on fisheries but also perhaps in other areas.”

Lord McConnell also said that “In the UK Government and the Cabinet there should be a Secretary of State either for the nations and regions or for constitutional affairs.”

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