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The Premier League: Liverpool’s wait finally over?

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Football, the beautiful game, the greatest form of sporting excitement, the exhilaration of the masses, the religion of the people, the representation of club colours, the romance of club histories.

Call it what you may, but when Saturday comes it means one thing and one thing only for millions of people from every class, creed and corner of our society. Nothing fulfils the stomach of a boy, a girl, a man or a woman more than when, come 4.45pm on a Saturday, you witness the success of your club winning all three points.

Them all important ego boosting points getting tossed into the old onion bag, the bragging rights, the confidence and esteem they offer. The sheer delight of that climax of a week that to begin with was full of anticipation and thought geared towards one thing and thing only, three points in the bag after Saturdays game.

That feeling on the bus or in the car on the way home from the match with them all-important three points is unpurchasable. Football casts a spell on the feelings of society like no other sport and the run into this seasons premiership is most certainly working its magic like no other season in recent years.

At this current moment in time, it is most certainly looking like a two horse race between the top of the table Manchester City and second place, however, with a game in hand, Liverpool. It has been extremely evident over the course of the last number of weeks, that Liverpool who were at one stage seven points ahead, almost looked certain to stretch that lead to twelve points. However, it was not to be.

I firmly believe myself, had the reds stretched the lead at that time to twelve points, that they may have been good enough to capture the title for the first time since the hay days of Barnes, Beardsley and the likes of the great side they had in that glorious season that was 1989/90.

Since not being able to steam ahead at the top of the table, Liverpool has dropped extremely important points and in doing so, this has given Manchester City the chance to claw back what was once an almost unassailable lead.

The table currently sits with Manchester City back on top, however, Liverpool have a game in hand and that is against their famous nemesis Manchester United, who of course would simply relish knocking the reds off their path in their quest for the title.

Current Premiership Top Four

Pld       Pts

1. Manchester City                                       27        65

2. Liverpool                                                   26        65

3. Tottenham Hostspur                               26        60

4. Manchester United                                  26        51

With the run in for both Manchester City and Liverpool looking like a real humdinger, I have no issue about declaring that this is going to be as exciting a run into the end of a premiership season, as there has ever been.

City lifting the title would pale in comparison to the likes of Liverpool claiming it. After all, the romance of the title was once a regular occurrence when the reds were unequalled as the best side in Britain.

For me on a personal level, and not a supporter of any premiership club, other than a soft spot for Wolverhampton Wanderers, I would just love to see Liverpool lift the premiership. It would inject a passion and another level of addiction to the beautiful game, which as far as lifting league titles is concerned, has seen Liverpool return to being the best side in England.

One thing is for sure, this season’s run has captured the attention of the world. As far as the game is concerned, that is a good thing.

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