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Catastrophe: The final season

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The last episode of Catastrophe aired last week. For three seasons, we have followed the bittersweet yet hilarious relationship between Rob and Sharon. After the original one night stand in London we have followed them through having their first child, to marriage and life beyond it. All juxtaposed with an undertone of dark humour. 

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Twisted with on-going problems from all aspects of their relationship the past seasons of Catastrophe have given us an insight to a refreshingly regular relationship. Rob and Sharon had started from a one night stand, whilst Rob was on a business trip in London from there, they got married had two kids and experienced most things a long-term couple does. But there is something about the way Catastrophe illustrates the two muddling through daily life that makes it so great.

The last series closes many ties which have been open since the audience were first introduced to Rob and Sharon, bringing awareness to many important topics throughout the seasons, like post-natal depression, alcoholism and gambling. If you have not already seen Catastrophe, I highly recommend you watch it now.  

The heartwarming last episode is also a tribute to Carrie Fisher, who played Rob’s mum in the series and died in late 2016. Also, if you haven’t already seen it stop reading now as here come the spoilers.

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The brilliant last scene that has been described by the Guardian as, “The greatest TV show ending since the sopranos”. After a tough year of Rob’s relapse to drinking, followed by a drink driving incident and numerous money problems, the family head out to Boston on holiday only to find out Rob’s mum has died.

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Rob naturally breaks down, and takes it hard whilst Sharon seems okay until a scene where she just breaks down in tears, sobbing continuously. After the funeral, they head towards the beach, when Rob suggests they move to Boston, they begin to argue and then Rob threatens to take the kids away if Sharon does not want to move. Naturally riled by his comments, they begin to bicker before going back for the last night.


The morning they are leaving they still seem bitter and not to be speaking. Sharon asks Rob to pull over then the two apologise, first Sharon saying Rob does make her happy every day and that she’d happily move to America. Touchingly, Rob admits he did not mean any of the awful things he said before and says,

” I’m a husk of a man, and if you want to be with this then I don’t care where we do it” 

This leads up to the final scene, whilst their two kids sleep in the car, they sit down as Sharon announces she is pregnant and still wants to have Rob’s baby. Despite there being many doubts over a tough year. The audience needs this loving moment of hope for the dysfunctional couple after following their lives across the years.


Finally, they ask the question that the audience has probably wanted to know from the beginning, if she hadn’t of got pregnant would they still be together to which Rob in the most catastrophe esq, bittersweet way,

” If I met you right now, I’d still wanna f**k you for a week, and get you pregnant and marry you and mess it all up from there”. 

Sharon decides to make the most of the hot weather, strips and runs towards the sea. Rob is initially hesitant but soon strips and follows after noticing a warning sign of rip currents. He reaches her as they kiss in the sea and for a moment nothing else matters.

It is unclear what the ending is, following the kiss, an extra-long shot shows just how far out they are. But just like their whole relationship together they will give their best shot despite all the disasters that surround them. It is a poignant and fitting ending, to an outstanding sitcom.

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