Green activists occupy Glasgow as part of UK-wide protests

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Green activists occupied George Square to spread awareness of the climate crisis and the government’s lacklustre response. Over a hundred attendees turned out at the event on Friday, which was sure to draw Glasgow’s attention.

Photo taken by Julia Koba Grootaers – Instagram @curiouskoba
The grassroots environmental group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ (aka: XR Rebellion) has been instrumental in organising protests nationwide. XR Rebellion has managed to amass 67 thousand likes on their Facebook page since launching in October.
The group, which encourages non-violent civil disobedience, was subject to dozens of arrests when they blocked off five London bridges during demonstrations in November. 
Eco-activist Iain donning the XR rebellion symbol in front of his banner bike. Photo taken by Dominic Cooper
However, eco-activist Iain describes the spirit of the protest in George Square, stating that they had “not had any trouble.”
“There was music, chanting and singing. It’s been a good atmosphere,” Iain said.
The square was a family friendly event, with demonstrators of all ages doing their bit. Homemade banners that read ‘There Is No Planet B’ and ‘Don’t Burn Our Future’ stressed that its the youth of today who are suffering for the mistakes of the older generation.

There were simultaneous protests in Oxford and Central London. 

Photo taken by Julia Koba Grootaers – Instagram @curiouskoba

When asked what he would say to readers interested in making a difference, Oxford based eco-activist, Harry stated: “I think grassroots environmental groups are currently experiencing unprecedented growth in number, not just XR and the Youth Strikes, but other community and student groups.

“There is so much to gain from reaching out and taking part in eco action. And if there isn’t something around, make it, because that can be even more rewarding.”

More action is due in the coming days including plans to disrupt London Fashion Week in an attack against the trend of damaging and excessive consumption.

Marches are also occurring in Bristol, Cardiff and Colchester, with the increased frequency of organised protests set to build momentum for the long-planned Rebellion Week, comprised of multiple protests occurring on a global scale, which is set for April 15th.

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