Stirling University reach 92% recycling rate in 2019

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Credit: CIWM Journal

University of Stirling have reached an impressive 92% recycling rate in January 2019, and are aiming for 95%.

As the university thrives for greatness, the question of what more students can do still lingers.

Bryan Mcllroy, University Cleaning and Waste Manager says, “We work closely with the union to make students in residences far more aware about recycling.

“We send nothing to landfill, and the 8% creates residue pellets sent to Swedish power stations. We have introduced food waste in halls which was not required of us.”

David Broadley, 18, current Alexander Court Resident said, “The recycling process isn’t really regulated as it is just up to the students to put everything in the right bin and many just put everything in the same bins.”

He continued, “To improve it there could be some sort of system in place to incentivise people to do it or just have a separate bin in the kitchens as currently there is only one for general waste.”

Giorgio Giacomini, 19, former Juniper Court Resident, said, “We could do with an incentive to actually do it, or at least make it easier. The recycling process is good but not enough people use it. Laziness makes them throw everything into one bin.”

In response to these complaints, Bryan Mcllroy explained, “I think the problem is some kitchens are very small. It can be difficult for students. We have given students bins for general waste, recycling, food and glass and educated them on how to use these. We cannot get to 95% without the students help and any feedback is welcomed.”

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