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Progress Scotland follow up-changing views on independence

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Recently Brig covered the launch of Progress Scotland , the organisation to gauge public opinion on Scottish Independence set up by the former Deputy Leader of the SNP Angus Robertson.

Progress Scotland have since provided examples of various people from various different backgrounds who have changed their view of Scottish independence.

One of those people is the former editor of the Daily Record, Murray Foote, who outlined his views on Scottish independence when speaking to Progress Scotland. Foote said in the past he had been “sympathetic”to the idea of Scottish independence but did not view it as the solution or “universal cure” to the problems that Scotland faces.

However, now due to events such as Brexit, Foote has changed his view and said that:

For all our children, this cannot be as good as it gets. It’s our duty to secure for them a better future. I believe that’s best achieved through independence.

Caroline Castle, who lived in England but is now a businesswoman in Edinburgh, said that when approached by Progress Scotland in 2014 she thought it was against the “best interests” of Scotland to vote to leave the UK. However, now Castle has changed her mind on the issue due to Brexit, and describes Brexit as a “catastrophe” and that she would not back Scottish independence “unless the UK Government compromises or there is a People’s Vote that reverses Brexit”

Stirling voted 40% in favour of Scottish independence and 59.77% against Scottish independence, one of the highest percentages of “No” votes in Scotland.

Have recent political events like Brexit changed your views on Scottish Independence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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