Concert review: Maggie Rogers

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She steps on stage with an aura of fearlessness. Maggie Rogers, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter from America played her first Scottish headline show at the SWG3 venue in Glasgow this week as part of the Heard it in a past life tour. Kicking off the show with her recent hit Give A Little, Rogers draws her audience in from the immediate start. Jumping around the stage, unleashing her long locks from a tied bun in a dramatic fashion; the crowd goes wild.

Maggie Rogers, discovered by Pharrell Williams, proves she is not just a notable recording artist, but an incredible performer as well. With some in the audience yelling to each other “she sounds even better live”.

Her flawless vocals, groovy dance moves and clear enjoyment makes a Maggie Rogers concert a true experience. Creating such an enthusiastic loudly singing crowd that Rogers herself was drowned out at times.

She grinned from ear to ear when she told the audience: “I’ve been touring for two years, this is my first headlining show in Glasgow and the energy is amazing. This is really cool!”.

Source: Pitchfork

The setlist included hit songs like “Dog Years” and “Alaska” from her EP Now that the light is fading, to tracks from her recent debut album Heard it in a past life.

However, Rogers surprised her fans with an unexpected cover of Taylor’s Swift’s Tim McGraw, giving it such a unique spin the cover begs for a BBC live lounge recording.

Throughout the concert Rogers didn’t lose her high energy or spirit, even admitting at one point she sang the chorus wrong. Jokingly adding “some of you caught on, I’m not used to that”.

She ended the show in a unique way, asking the crowd to come down of the performance-high with her. After asking everyone to be completely silent the singer freestyled, acapella, a lyric-less song; showcasing Roger’s beautiful voice resulting in crowd wide goosebumps.

This enchanting ending was the cherry on top of an already amazing set, leaving both Rogers and the audience exuberant, yet relaxed.

It was exactly this showmanship that was missing from Mallrat, the opening act of the night. The young Australian delivered her catchy pop song in an almost apologetic fashion. It is not until the crowd actively tries to show enthusiasm that the singer manages to come out of her shell.
Showing that Maggie Roger’s effortless performance is truly something special.

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