Immigration through the performance arts

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The Mojo Cams, a musical group, have created a new concept album called  “Nebular Tuesday” alongside a special theatre performance of the same name.

The album has many contributors including playwright Marie Dunlop, who co-wrote the album, and TV presenter Ceitlin L R Smith. The album and theatre project focus on the topic of immigration and the divisions in society, but also the increase in the attitude of seeing different cultures and nationalities as “the other”.

The theatre performance portrays the story of someone who comes to a very remote island and how the locals react to this “outsider” with the aim of  “making you question how humans treat one another”.

When asked how the arts can portray such complicated political issues like immigration or Brexit and still communicate a message effectively, Steve Bull, who is in charge of the project, told Brig that the complexity of topics like Brexit made them “mandatory” for the arts to cover and that the music would explore a “more emotionally mature narrative” of the issue than the usual media framing of issues which can divide opinion.

Bull added that an outcome from the album and performance would be an “easier discussion of difficult issues. “

“Nebular Tuesday looks at these issues from the point of view of an outsider, a viewpoint that more and more people are feeling is the default position that they are forced to hold.”

When asked about a key message that the audience should take from the project, Bull thought that the audience should pause for thought and reflect on how they treated other people

“This is the basis of all human interaction. We would like the work to make people asses if fairness in this interaction is a basic human right.”

When asked about the relevance of the project to the student population Bull told Brig:

“The future belongs to them.  The generations before now have practiced a short term and short sighted view of what is acceptable in the name of the price of a dollar and so-called ‘progress’.”

“The issues the younger generation face included debt, climate change, identity politics, social injustice and inequality all need to be solved. Time is running out.”

The concept album can be found and listened to on Soundcloud here.

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Credit: twitter.com/TheMojoCams
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