Uni society throws boobs to raise money

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On the March 4 the Stirling Uni Boob Team will be hosting a fundraiser charity dodgeball competition for Coppafeel.

Booball aims to raise £1000 for the breast cancer awareness society Coppafeel, with which the UniBoob society works very closely with. The event aims to raise awareness and donations from any student looking to sign up.

Tickets are a recommended £2, but with more than half of the available spaces already taken, the event is selling out fast. These tickets and further information can be found on stalls around the atrium in the coming weeks, or by checking out UniBoob’s Facebook page.

The competition will be in classic dodgeball knock out fashion, with teams being eliminated each round. Emily Hencher, UniBoob’s president warns; ‘It’s looking to be a tough competition so bring your A game!’

Events like this in the past have garnered some celebrity attention to the cause as well, with names such as Russell Brand and Tom Fletcher helping raise some awareness to the CoppaFeel charity.

Stirling UniBoobTeam are hoping that a big event like this will have a positive effect for the society, University, and charity as whole; ‘Not only are we raising money and awareness at this single event, we’re also hoping it will put UBT on the map so that we can keep spreading this life saving information.’ Working closely with SU has helped the society plan it’s biggest and most exciting event yet. Hopefully this will help in gaining more nominations as BoobBall for the best society event of the year.

Make sure to find a team and buy your tickets before they run out!

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