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Kerr warns People’s Vote would make IndyRef 2 ‘unavoidable’

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Kerr also accused Labour of breaking their manifesto commitment. Credit: DV Party

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr has warned that Labour’s support for a People’s Vote on Brexit would trigger a second Scottish independence referendum.

The Conservative MP told Brig: “If we had a referendum it would make a second Independence referendum unavoidable, meaning Scotland would be dragged through two referendums when we’ve not yet healed the cracks caused by the last two.”

Kerr voiced similar concerns recently at Prime Ministers Questions, urging Theresa May to refuse calls from the SNP for a new vote which would dismantle “the most successful political union the world has ever known.”

He said the decision showed that the Labour Party had “let down their voters” and had “broken” a commitment of their 2017 general election manifesto.

Mounting to pressure from within his party and from members of the public, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the voices of support for a vote. What ballot the electorate would vote on remains unclear.

The MSP for Stirling Bruce Crawford said that he was “pleased” by Labour’s announcement but demanded that the “vote must include an option to Remain.”

However, the SNP member warned that “this is not something that a disunited Labour Party can achieve.”

Crawford added: “My constituency voted to Remain in the EU by more than two-thirds, and since the referendum, we have learned (from the UK Government’s own analysis) that there is no outcome in terms of leaving the EU that will not cause damage to the Scottish economy.

“Now is the time for level headed MPs from all parties to work together to hand power back to the public and hold a people’s vote on Europe.”

A Scottish Labour Spokesperson told Brig: “We want our alternative Brexit plan to be put to MPs. It is the only credible plan for a sensible Brexit and has been deemed entirely workable by the EU.

“In line with our position, democratically agreed by our members at our conference, we have also said we would support a public vote to prevent either No Deal or Theresa May’s damaging Tory Brexit.”


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