Brig talks to Media Officer candidate Martina Rebecca Inchingolo



Credit: Brig Newspaper


Why are you running for Media Officer?

“I’m running to be the media officer because I am a part of all three media societies, I really love to write articles, make films and do my radio show every Friday.  That is why I really care about them, and that is why I am running for media officer.”

What do you think you could bring to the role of Media Officer?

“It is really important to get more people involved in the media societies and to get more people involved with them.”

“I think it will help to get members of the media societies involved with all 3 media societies and not just one, so that they can expand their portfolio, build their skills and be able to work on all 3 media platforms.”

Do you have anything else to say to voters?

“I think you should check the manifestos of the candidates before you vote, and go for the best candidate, take this seriously and vote for your media officer.”



Categories: News, Union Elections 2019


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