Brig talk to Media Officer candidate Sam Ormiston


Why are you running to be media officer?

“I am running for media officer because I am passionate about the media societies, and I do think that there are some issues in them that can be resolved, and I think that I am the best person to do that.”

“I want to make the media societies the best they can be.”

What do you feel that you can bring to the role?

“So one of my main manifesto points is to improve the relationship between student media and student sport, I have contacts in almost every sports team and I have written a lot of sport articles for Brig.”

“I have a few ideas, such as having a feature on a different sports team every week, where you can find out whats happening and find out about opportunities to join in.”

What is the best thing about the University of Stirling?

“The best thing about Stirling is the media societies, especially Brig.”

Categories: News, Union Elections 2019


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