Bremain in Spain to join People’s Vote march in London

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This weekend, on Saturday March 23, the anti-Brexit group, Bremain in Spain, will go to London to march to demand a ‘People’s vote’ on Brexit.

The People’s Vote campaign banner describes Brexit as “bonkers”. The organisers want the UK to remain in the European Union and are fighting for the rights of UK citizens living and working in Spain.

Vice Chair of Bremain in Spain John Moffett described the march as “one of the most important marches ever”.

Moffett added that if the Prime-minister can attempt several times to get her deal passed in the House of Commons then the people are entitled to express their views again.

put it to the people bremain banner
Credit: Bremain in Spain

Moffett said:

If Theresa May is allowed to have three meaningful votes when
nothing has changed with her proposed deal, then we must demonstrate our
commitment to a People’s Vote. In contrast, a lot has changed re public
sentiment since 2016.”

The Chair of Bremain in Spain, Sue Wilson described the type of Brexit that voters were told was possible if the UK voted to leave the European Union as “a lie, a fantasy, a pipe-dream” and this is why they believe a people’s vote is required.

Wilson added that Brexit caused a “nightmare” for those EU citizens within the UK and UK citizens who had made a life in another EU country.

About the march Wilson said:

On Saturday, we’ll be loud and proud and demanding
another referendum. Although most of us couldn’t vote on our own futures in
June 2016, and it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to vote in the next
referendum, we wholeheartedly support a #PeoplesVote.”

Wilson concluded by describing the decision to leave the EU as “momentous” and therefore another people’s vote would seek to reaffirm that leaving is definitely what the UK voters want

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bremain marchers
Credit: Bremain in Spain
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