Women’s 1st win league title and claim playoff spot

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The Women’s 1st team have won their final game of the season, finishing as the top team in Scotland’s 1A Division. Stirling overcame Strathclyde by 16 points, defending their home court in a crucial game that propels them to the playoffs.

Team captain Emma Diamond was eager to congratulate her team. She specifically credits Shannon Flippard, women’s basketball president, who has lead the club over the last four years, and Natsuki Kishimoto “who has been our season’s MVP every game.”

Credit: UoS Women’s Basketball

The Men’s 1st team have ended the season on a low however, dropping to the bottom of the table after suffering a 30-point loss to Heriot-Watt. Though, the Men’s 2nd claimed a strong away win, solidifying their first place position in the Scottish 5A Division.

The home loss for the Men’s 1st team complicates league standings. Though Edinburgh’s 3rd team was expected to lose their game, an exceptionally poor showing by UWS – who have dominated all season – put Edinburgh three points ahead of Stirling.

With everything settled, the Men’s 1st team now sit in last place, suggesting relegation to the Scottish 4A Division next season. The 2nd team are also due promotion into the 4A, however, causing the teams to question if BUCS will allow both Stirling squads to play in the same league.

It’s not unheard of. Edinburgh University’s 1st and 2nd teams both played in the 1A Division this season. But president of men’s basketball, Craig Stephen, does not expect both Stirling teams to move to the same division. Only time will tell.

The Men’s 2nd team finished the season on a high, taking down Dundee on their own court. With a final score of 58-47, the 2nd team remained undefeated for this entire semester.

The Women’s 2nd team also closed out their season, but instead with two losses in their final week of play. 2nd team captain Tessa Raiskio wasn’t phased though, and is completely happy with the team’s progress this semester.

“It is amazing to see their development and how comfortable they are on the court nowadays.”

The team’s dedication is their strongest feature, as Raiskio comments on their commitment to training sessions and game-days.

So the seasons are all wrapped up, but Stirling basketball will continue thanks to the playoff push from the Women’s 1st team. Brig will be covering all of their progress when the playoffs kick off in April.

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