Cheerleading squad reaches new heights with stream of successes

The cheerleading squad is thriving with a series of recent successes!

Credit: Cheerleading at Stirling University

The Stirling University cheerleading squad certainly has a lot to shout about this semester, from showcase successes to claiming a top spot at competitions.

The second annual Scottish University Cheerleading Championships took place at the Dundee Caird Hall on March 3. The Stirling girls came out on top in the Small Pom competition: a fantastic victory for the club.

The entirely student-led competition is an opportunity for all Scottish universities to compete and showcase all of the hard work put in over the year.

Over 450 competitors took part from, ten Scottish universities. It was also announced during the same weekend that cheerleading is now officially recognised as an SSS sport. This means that they will receive more funding, which will enable the club to buy new equipment and aid in transportation costs.

Cheerleading president Melissa Borland commented on the success of the club and how it has progressed since she joined in her first year of university.

“Since I joined, membership has increased, and results have improved year on year. I think this definitely encourages our members to do better, push harder, and it is really motivational.”

Borland is set to graduate in June and will massively miss being a part of the club, but says she is confident that the club will continue to thrive under next year’s committee.

Another feature of Borland’s presidency is her introduction of a lower-level team, which has been fantastic for getting novices involved in showcases and competitions for recreation and experience.

The cheerleading society has gone from success to success, coming out on top of the pyramid by displaying their talents and dedication.

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