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First Bus announce price increase as it moves to app payments

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From Sunday March 24 First Bus are increasing the price of certain fares.

The changes comprise of a rise of approximately 6% in the cost of both weekly and four weekly tickets alongside carnet tickets  including tickets that are purchased on a Unilink bus. However, for those who use the “M tickets” app to purchase return or single journeys on a Unilink bus, prices will be unaffected.

The bulk of adult tickets that are sold in zones B, BC and AB and the multi 3-5 zones have all lowered in price, excluding four week M tickets in Zone B which have experienced a minor price increase.

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In a statement on their website, First Bus noted that “in the main” M Ticket app prices will be consistent with the price charged in 2018 and that the lower prices are available to customers who use the M tickets app “making it the cheapest way to get around.”

The Commercial director for First Bus Bluebird , Graeme Macfarlan said in the statement that First Bus have “worked hard” to ensure any rise in the cost of a ticket is at the lowest level possible. He added that reviews to the structure of pricing are required every year “to ensure we meet the rising costs that we face as a business.”

Macfarlan maintained that despite price increases on some tickets “travel by First Midland Bluebird offers great value for money” and this is part of a move to encourage less cash payments on buses and increased use of the app.

Macfarlan said “This allows us to improve access to purchase tickets on the go for the increasingly mobile savvy consumer.”

The full statement from First Bus and details about pricing can be found here

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