Credit: Viola Madau

Volleyball destroy Clansmen in latest Versus matchup

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Credit: Viola Madua

The university volleyball team have dominated Stirling Clansmen in the latest cross-sport matchup, beating them five sets to nil. This puts Clansmen 0-2 in their Versus series fundraiser.

It’s all in good fun though, and both teams thoroughly enjoyed competing. In terms of talent, “some of them were alright,” jokes Rowan Johnston, vice president of volleyball.

Both teams were tiring towards the end of the two hour session, but Johnston explains that the Clansmen were managing some legitimate volleyball manoeuvres.

Some skills carried over, explains Edd Keeler, Clansmen’s fund-raising manager and cornerback; reading the ball direction, jumping really high, and quick reactions, “though I’m sure we didn’t have enough of them,” Keeler laughs.

The final game was brutally close, with a score of 25-23. The Clansmen were ecstatic for every unexpected point says Rowan, and she credits them for doing so well with so little experience.

The respect was mutual, and Keeler explains that even simple skills like positioning your arms to hit the ball are difficult. “Women’s volleyball are incredible.”

The next Versus series game takes place on Wednesday 27 with a matchup against netball. Keeler wasn’t feeling especially optimistic about the Clansmen’s netballing talents, but declares they “have a chance of competing.”

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