NUS President won’t face no confidence vote after motion fails to pass

Shakira Martin, the UK President of the National Union of Students will not face a vote of no confidence at the NEC after an emergency motion failed to pass at the second day of the NUS Scotland Conference.

One delegate told Brig the vote was “close” and that the votes were checked three times, and that there were quite a few abstentions.

The emergency motion was submitted by Heriot-Watt’s students’ union after Martin’s refusal to speak at the conference yesterday. This was following her finding out that delegates would have the opportunity to answer questions.

Delegates were angered by Martin’s decision, and she caused further anger later in the day when she sent a series of tweets (which have since been deleted) about the events of yesterday.

Screenshots of these tweets were sent to Brig.

Tweets sent to Brig which have since been deleted

One reply was Martin saying that she was “not accountable to the Scotland conference,” which caused further backlash from delegates.

The emergency motion put forward cited Martin’s lack of attendance at three NUS Scotland events and would have had the NUS Scotland President, Liam McCabe who was re-elected yesterday, demand an apology and table a no confidence motion against Martin at the NUS NEC later this year.

Heriot-Watt’s emergency motion

Rumours were circulating at the conference yesterday that this vote would take place after Martin’s actions.

Some delegates say that although this emergency motion failed to pass, it is telling that it took place.

Heriot-Watt and NUS UK have been approached for a comment on the issue and have yet to reply.


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