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Imagine yourself walking through an enchanted forest; flowers bloom, hazy daylight peeking through a thick ceiling of trees. A soft breeze caresses your cheeks. Suddenly the trees lead you into an open field, fairies float around, blowing you kisses while wild flowers whisper compliments. This is what Jessica Pratt’s third album; Quiet Signs will give you – an absolute day dream.

When stumbling upon her much anticipated and applauded third album, I had no idea who Jesscia Pratt was or what would happened when I’d hit play. A high, almost childlike voice filled my speakers, leaving me in an abrupt state of utmost relaxation.

The lyrics are inaudible, while sometimes a word does spark of recognition of the English language; in general Pratt sings in a whimsical language. Pair this with acoustic guitars and pan flutes, and any soul will enter a psychedelic, almost hallucinate spiritual state. Making Pratt the most legal and pleasurable narcotic ever been in existence. 

The American singers-songwriter, now in her earlier thirties, released her first self-titled album back in 2011, after Tim Presley heard demos of Pratt’s songs on Facebook. In 2015 her second album On Your Own Love Again, generated more attention making her a folk artist to look out for.

Pratt decided to record her latest record in a studio for the first time in her career. Before, the singer recorded her songs in the comfort of her own house. Giving her the privacy she needed to make her music. The singer confided that the switch to the studio had caused her true anxiety since she feared the new, more polished sound could take away from the haze-like mood of her records. None of this could be further from the truth.

More than anything, the studio managed to bring out Pratt’s unique voice and music style more than before. Creating a warm and intimate record that manages to elevate her songs to a new level of professionalism and true art.

Throughout the album it’s hard not to compare any song to either a season, or an intrinsic feeling. While As the World Turns brings immediate visions of sunny autumn day to mind, Poly Blue begs for a summer afternoon lounging around on green meadows.

But for those who appreciate a wallow or two on a rainy day, Quiet Signs offers you Silent Song, a slight majeure in-between the sunshine filled tracks. Giving you a complete album by an artist who has truly managed to master her unique talent and sound.

The nine-track album takes you on a whimsical tour of the brightest corners of your imaginations, making Jessica Pratt a must have on anyone’s playlist.

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